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Summer Bedding Refresh with Heather Taylor Home

Now that summer has arrived everywhere, I am finally getting around to putting a fresh spin in the bedrooms of my home. Lately, the more pattern on pattern the better – I have fully embraced it. And the gingham textiles from Heather Taylor Home mix so well with the other prints in my home.

For our primary bedroom, I used the mini gingham cream duvet cover and paired it with the cream gingham pillowcases and then used the soho nutmeg ruffle pillows as accent pillows. I love how they coordinate with the headboard textile without being perfectly matched. The quality of the fabric is incredible and washes so beautifully, which is important in a house with kiddos and sticky fingers.

In Amelia’s room, we added a henri plaid duvet in navy and pillow shams in the same pattern. A small mini gingham accent pillow in the navy looks fresh and clean. With views of the bay, blue works great in all of our bedrooms.

All Heather Taylor Home textiles are made in Chiapas, México and you can see the high quality of the weave. My house is definitely beginning to look like a home!


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