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Closet Reveal with California Closets and Shira Gill

After six months of crossing the globe for my upcoming book with barely enough time to repack for each adventure, my closet needed some serious help. I had recently redone the front hall closet to make it my primary closet. California Closets did an amazing job helping me to design a space that met all of my needs. But with a crazy schedule, it wasn’t staying organized. I turned to my friend, Shira Gill, to help me come up with a system to keep it working and organized. To say the least, her advice, which can also be found in Minimalista, her amazing book on organization, was the solution I needed. My goal, now that the heavy travel is finished for the moment, is to take her advice and make wise choices and healthy habits to help me live more efficiently.

Shira recommends the following steps toward an organized home:

Step One: Clarify: You need to know what you want and in order to do this, you need to figure out the goals for the space. I knew I wanted a calm and organized space with a feeling of who I was.

Step Two: Edit: This has always been pretty easy for me. I only buy things I love but over time some of them I am willing to let go of. When there is less you own, there is less to keep organized. Some questions Shira suggested I ask are:

  • Is this item really worth the space it occupies in my closet?

  • Is this item adding value to my life?

  • Does this item energize or drain me?

Step Three: Organize: This was the fun part and Shira was able to define particular spaces for different items. Dresses, blouses, coats and jackets were hung. Sweaters and jeans were folded on the six-foot shelves. Wicker bins were for scarves and swim suits and drawers for the other items.

Step Four: Elevate: This was definitely my favorite part! I love figuring out the personal touches for a space. I added family photos, a small rug, a mirror, and artwork by William McClure. Now when I open the closet and step in, I feel as if it is a space especially for me.

Step Five: Maintain: This is probably the hardest part for me. But now that I have a clear picture of how to keep it organized, I stand a good chance for success. The help I received from Shira helped to elevate the space to something I look forward to spending time in. Now if I can just keep it that way!

Working on my closet with California Closets and Shira was a dream. Hope you enjoyed this reveal and tips. Click here to order Shira's book, Minimalista. It's my go-to for organizing everything in my home!

Finish details about my California Closet:

Photography by Stephanie Russo


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