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Finding the Perfect Window Treatments with Wovn Home

A big part of what drew me to our home was the abundance of natural light that floods the windows throughout the space. I knew that finding the right window coverings for each window that still allowed us to enjoy the light, was important. 

For most of the windows in our home, I opted for Roman Shades–which allow a beautiful filtered light to trickle through, while easily folding up when not in use. 

Our kitchen windows were another priority, although I knew we would need a different window treatment option. While I wanted to make sure we let in plenty of light–privacy was also key as our kitchen windows directly face our neighbors. I knew that cafe curtains would be the perfect fit. Cafe curtains are fitted to the lower half of the window frame, and let in light from above while keeping privacy at the eye-level. They add a touch of warmth, texture and personality to our kitchen that I truly love.

I discovered Wovn Home while sourcing for clients–and have always wanted to incorporate them in our home. I always look for a brand whose ethos centers around offering a seamless way to incorporate custom pieces into your home and Wovn Home does just that. Wovn Home offers custom Roman shades in three different styles which makes making your decision incredibly streamlined. Each treatment is 100% linen and is sourced directly from premium textile mills in Belgium.

For our space, I wanted an option that would blend seamlessly with the color and hue of our walls, which are Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore so I opted for the flat shade in soft snow for both our Roman shades and cafe curtains. Its the perfect neutral hue that adds a hint of textural contrast and depth to our light walls. In our kitchen I wanted to add a little pattern to the space. After having several samples up for a month I decided on the Decors Barbares fabric Polonaise in blue.

Ordering with Wovn Home was a breeze–as I was guided through a simple process of taking basic measurements of each window. Wovn Home allows you to choose your choice of cord position, lining and mounting position which I loved. 

Each order takes around four weeks to arrive which is relatively quick in the world of custom design.

I was so impressed with not only the quality but overall the ease of ordering and end-to-end installation process. They filter the light perfectly, and complement our style so timelessly. I would definitely order again and always share Wovn Home with clients and folks asking for a great custom yet affordable window treatment option! 


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