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A Moment with Lan Jaenicke

I’ve learned so much about beauty and grace from Lan Jaenicke. Upon meeting Lan years ago she immediately welcomed me into her inner circle. She is truly the kindest and most elegant friend of mine. We continue to learn and grow from one another.

In Travel Home, we featured her home in San Francisco. It was one of our most memorable photo shoots for the book. We are featuring her home in Cloverdale in our upcoming book (launches in September) Sense of Place. On her Journal today I'm chatting about how Lan and I met, details about Sense of Place, my favorite pieces from Lan and much more!

Every piece of clothing I have from Lan’s collections are the foundation of my wardrobe. The perfect jackets year round in San Francisco are a must. And my silk skirts are essential for trips and can be dressed up or down easily. The workhorse of my wardrobe are my pair of drawstring cashmere pants - I wore on the many road trips for writing both books. The lines and cuts of her designs are flattering, sophisticated, and beautiful. Each year I select a piece to add to my wardrobe from her collection - they are an investment for a lifetime.

For full interview on Lan's journal click here.


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