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Lifestyle: Lovebirds

When I first started working at Erica Tanov, the curtains for the dressing room in the San Francisco store were made of a beautiful lovebird fabric with branches and birds. Every day, the customers asked if they could purchase them. The fabric was designed by Erica Tanov and she eventually made quilts, slips and pillowcases out of the fabric. I have one of the baby quilts for Amelia that she adores. Now, along with quilts, this stunning textile has been made into a tablecloth. The perfect addition, especially for special holidays or a day you just feel like making your table a little more special.

We decided this was the perfect opportunity to have the Valentines setting – intimate and oozing with love. Creating a private gathering with your loved ones can make the day feel special when we have all been at home for nearly a year now.

I am certain we will also be having multiple tea parties at our house – Amelia literally squealed when she saw the tablecloth. Let's all spread a little love this week.

Images by Jordan Shaw


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