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January Favorites

January is a month where we're coming down from the frenzy of the holidays and we get to set into a calmer way of life. At the start of the year I have a craving for staying cozy at home. Eventually, as the month creeps towards the finish, I crave the warmth of the sun in the spring.

Each month I'll be pulling together a curated list of some favorite things that our family is enjoying. The other night I asked the kids if they had anything they wanted me to highlight and they both said yes. Love these kids!

This month I've been living in my Fisherman Cocoon Crewneck Sweater (for 15% off use code Caitlin15) - as my family has said, the sweater is my "uniform." It's the perfect weight this time of year. We've been having some rainy days and misty mornings. I've also been living in these Freda Salvador Brooke boots that are water resistant (for 15% off use code 15Caitlin). They are light as a feather, which isn't always the case with rain boots.

Anyone else having dry skin issues? I've been loving this Osea Body Butter and the Body Oil - (for 10% off use code Caitlin10). I cannot go a day without using them. They have changed my skin this winter.

An office favorite that I shared on Instagram this month was how we use these Moroccan baskets for each client project. I also use them in our car for job site supplies, for shoe organization in our entry and in our laundry area.

Now for the kids' picks! Amelia has been living in her Columbia Sportwear Beanie. The best part is that it's lined with fleece so she doesn't get itchy. Jackson has been addicted to his Kids Fitbit. He watches his steps every day and is hoping to get to 20,000 soon (his record is currently 18,286). He has also been going to sleep earlier to get his sleep tracked. A win, win for us!

I'm looking forward to sharing a few favorites each month with you.


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