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Interiors: Erin Lane Estate

One thing I never stop doing is searching for unique vintage and antique pieces. The thrill of the hunt keeps me going and eventually I come across something I've either been looking for or not looking for but have to have. Over many years I've found some shops and vendors that I constantly go back to when sourcing for projects.

I recently came across Erin Lane Estate. It was one of those moments when my jaw dropped and I thought to myself "how did I not know about this site." I’m a believer in mixing styles – old and new. A place to find stunning pieces for your home, is something that can make your home unique.

Erin Lane Estate buys pieces from estates in Southern California and all over the country. Their goal is to find the highest quality iconic pieces that will elevate your home.

When I look for unique pieces for my clients, I like to find ones that have some sort of meaning for them specifically. Getting to know them - their passions and interests – helps me to design a unique and authentic home for them. And sometimes, in the process of shopping for my clients, I actually find something for myself. Since we just moved into a new space, I couldn’t resist getting a stunning piece for me.

This 19th century French oak table comes from a winery in the Texas Hill Country. I am smitten with its character. I envision dinner for two next to a roaring fire with my husband. It feels like a table I can use in dozens of spots throughout our new home. Do you have pieces in your home that you find wanting to move around all the time? I have a feeling this will be one of them.

If you haven't checked out Erin Lane Estate I highly recommend popping over and checking their new arrivals, plus instagram. It's a true trove that is constantly being filled with new pieces.


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