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Gift Guide: Father's Day

Father's Day this year is a little more special for our family. Typically Eric is traveling 140-150 days a year and usually isn't home to celebrate as a family, but with him leaving his job in March, we have had the full "Dad" experience this year with him being home every day in 2022. Ironically, it will be me traveling this year during Father's Day as my Mom and I embark on a 16 day trip to the UK to shoot some wonderful homes for our second book (the first book, Travel Home can be purchased here).

We are not the best family at loading up on gifts for special occasions (we tend to spread the gifts out over time, IE - "here are some new pants in May, consider it an early Father's Day gift!"). Below are some items Eric has loved receiving over the past few months and some small surprises I have for the kids to give him on Father's Day!

BlueJay Bike - We loved our first BlueJay bike so much, we got a second! Now we can go everywhere as a family on bikes. Eric takes both kids on his bike, Amelia in the kid seat and Jackson in the Burley. Living in SF, it has made getting to practices/Bday parties/School so much easier for us as a family. Use code Caitlin10 to get 10% plus free shipping and assembly (through June).

These items from Faherty are the "surprise' for Eric. The kids wanted to transition him to some nice Summer clothes.

Long-sleeve Polo (Summer in SF is cold)

This tea kettle gets used 2-3 times a day now that Eric is home daily.

He has also become a regular juicer in his "retirement".

Finally, with more time to work out (and age increasing), the TheraGun has become a daily staple in his recovery.


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