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Entertaining: Creating Beautiful Dinners at Home

Anyone else missing evenings out at restaurants? This past year one thing my husband and I try to do is have some of our evening meals once the kiddos are asleep. In our new home, we often pull up chairs to this round table that we got from Erin Lane Estate in our living room. It’s more intimate than the dining room and feels like a short moment when we can relax and kick our feet up. Plus, we can put on our favorite show to enjoy as well.

When I was writing and photographing for my book Travel Home, one of the highlights was our day in the Parisian home of Carolina Irving. It was perfect – beautiful bones but also comfortable and inviting. You could see, on display, all of Carolina’s many interests. Archeology, travel, textiles from around the world, as well as ceramics.

More recently, she has joined forces with her daughters, Olympia and Ariade, who have the same innate talent as their mother and started Carolina Irving and Daughters. In this table setting we used some of their stunning products – the Blue Flower plates, the Portico glass, and the beautiful candlesticks and Blue Clover Band placemats. The entire collection is made in Portugal of the finest quality. The glaze on the plates is just stunning and the hand-painted glasses are our favorite.

My new living room has far more space than our previous home, so I was able to add this French Oak Table and we use it in so many different ways. It becomes a workspace, a dining table, and a place for the kids to play games. But I think my favorite use of the table is for our quiet dinners for two.

Are you doing anything to make this time at home special?


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