Travelogue: The Nomad Hotel in Los Angeles

Recently, I’ve found myself going more frequently to Los Angeles. I have been in search for the perfect hotel that works for my needs: not too pricey and a place that’s comfortable and quiet. I finally found it! The Nomad Hotel is the perfect place. The former Bank of Italy building dates to 1923. It had stood vacant for a long time but now has been converted into The Nomad Hotel. Entering through its doors, you step into a beautiful lobby with jewel-toned furniture. This is a perfect spot for breakfast in the morning or an afternoon drink later in the day.

The upper floors of the Nomad are devoted to the rooms. I was impressed with the décor (I honestly want the lighting!), which is fun yet not over-the-top trendy. It’s also been the perfect location for our trips to do photo shoots. Only a few blocks from the LA flower market, we could quickly jump in an Uber and pick up flowers for the homes we photographed. It’s also centrally located – making it a great spot to get around from.

So next time you’re in LA, consider staying at The Nomad Hotel.

This is not a sponsored post – truly love the hotel.

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