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Travel Home Goes to Texas

We had a big Texas welcome for our book signing events in Dallas and Austin a few weeks ago. When we stepped off of the plane, we could hear “Jolene” played by a country western band and we knew we were going to have a great time! It was so special to see friends and also meet new friends at both events.

In Dallas, we had a wonderful event in the historic Aldophus hotel that my friend, Joslyn Taylor and the firm Swoon Studio decorated. It’s a gem and I dream of those mosaic floors in the lobby. The book signing was at Shop Commerce and was hosted by Joslyn Taylor and Samantha Reitmayer Sano. Of course, we found time to also shop – they had such a lovely curated selection of items! I bought gifts for the kiddos and my mom bought a turn-of-the-century engraved gold locket. We stayed with Joslyn and her wonderful family and were just gasping at the beautiful oasis she had created!

The next day we jumped into the car and drove from Dallas to Austin for our next signing that evening. My close friend, Camille Styles, hosted us at her home in Austin. The house sits on the top of a hill that overlooks Austin and the Colorado River, which feeds into Lake Austin. With glass walls in the living room that can be entirely opened, it felt as if we could see the entire horizon stretched out below us. We had another incredible signing with such interesting people. About halfway through the event, a tremendous thunderstorm hit and we watched as the sky lit up. It was an evening we won’t quickly forget! You can see more photos from that event over on Camille’s site.

Now we need to plan a longer trip so we can actually spend more time exploring!


Photography from Camille event by Ashleigh Amoroso


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