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Road Trip to Portland, Oregon

This summer has been unlike any other. We've been hunkered down at home, enjoying what our city and surrounding areas has to offer. In early July we decided we were going to still take our annual summer getaway to visit family. And let me tell you, being on the road and discovering new things is exactly what our family needed. From the moment we left the kids were overjoyed with excitement.

Our first stop was Portland, Oregon. We stayed with my dad out in the suburbs where the kids had the freedom to run around outside (which is what they spent 90% of their days). We did venture out to on a few excursions.

  • Horning's Hideout - Normally you can learn to fish at this pod. My dad has taken Jackson in the past but due to covid there was no fishing allowed but you can walk the property. Our kids had so much fun looking for bugs, salamanders and butterflies.

  • Hoffman Family Farms - This was berry picking at it's BEST! We picked blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and marionberries. We were there at the peak of season. The kids had a blast picking berries and racing around the fields.

  • Helvetia Farm Market - My favorite discovery was this market just a few miles away from my dad's house. I'm always on the hunt for places to support that bring together local farmers and their products. This is not to be missed in you visit or live in Portland.

While we would've done a lot more activities we wanted to stay low-key for the safety of our family. We were able to see a few friends from high school for a socially distanced happy hour in their backyard as well as family outdoors. It was special to see the kids play with their cousins, which doesn't happen often enough. Making memories together felt incredibly special - including the kids first s'mores.

I'll be sharing more details about the rest of our trip soon!


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