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Travel Essentials: Istanbul

Travel Essentials: Istanbul | San Francisco
Travel Essentials: Istanbul | Sacramento Street

With all of the travel adventures that are planned for this year I wanted to start a new series that shares where I’ve been and what essentials I brought with me. For each city and destination I’ll be sharing a handful of items that have been crucial for the journey. Each trip I plan always requires a new set of essentials because no city is the same. When I travel to a new place I’m constantly researching beforehand what I might need.

I’m kicking off this series with Istanbul. For this trip I knew I’d need both comfy and chic items. Long journeys require a weekender filled with items to keep me entertained on the flight and layers to add on when I land. I also knew that I’d be documenting everything we do – shops we find, museums we loved, and restaurants. So a notebook was essential – I actually never leave for a trip without one.

So far Istanbul as exceeded my expectations – it’s truly a magical city. Don’t worry, a full post will be coming when I return.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this new series. Next up is Paris!

Map by Heather Day for Sacramento Street


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