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The Art of Gifting

I think because we have all been isolated from one another for so long, the importance of gifting takes on special meaning this year. I want to choose just the right thing for the people I love. And since we are all spending far more time in our homes, I've been gravitating to gifts that can be comforting at home. A place I have loved to shop at for years is Jayson Home. They are experts in creating curated items they search the globe for. So while travel may not be in the cards for a while, I trust Jayson Home to have the perfect items for giving at this time of year.

Jayson Home Pieces:

I try to start each day by setting intentions. Incense or a candle lit in the morning help to center me for the day ahead. And as the days get shorter and the air outside is colder, having a beautiful coffee/tea pot can be a special way to have a little warm up mid-day. Finally, I am always a fan of using beautiful linens and enjoying them instead of saving them for a special occasion. They elevate our homes into something special. It's easy to order from Jayson Home online and I promise, their items will not disappoint.

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Photos by Jordan Shaw


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