Take Art to Heart with Minted!

A few months ago Minted.com approached Erin, Joslyn and I to feature their amazing new art on our blogs. We brainstormed about a way to come up with a fun new take on creating the perfect art wall for a studio, loft and home (we’re all at different stages of our lives). Then we added on another challenge – letting our husbands pick the first piece of art and center it around that piece. Oh, was I nervous about this part . . . I’m usually the one making the decisions about everything that goes into our apartment, but I knew that anything Eric picked on Minted would be beautiful and a good challenge for myself.

Low and behold, Eric picked a perfect piece for our serene studio. He picked the “Lovebirds” print, which was actually one of my top favorites on Minted and the fact that it was designed by a fellow Californian, Rene Mijares, made it even sweeter.

Over the next few weeks Erin, Joslyn and I will be showcasing the prints we selected to go around our husbands pick and show all of you the final art wall – I’ll have a total of three prints, Erin will have four and Joslyn will have five.

I can’t wait for all of you to see what we’ve created and there might even be a little treat in it for you at the end!

Stay tuned for more friends!


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