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Room Anatomy: SF Living Room

In our living room, I wanted to create a room that is light, layered and a place where our family and friends instantly feel at home. It was also important that a lot of our previous pieces transitioned into this space. In order for this large room to feel open I placed the sofa along the windows due to the two openings to the foyer and the dining room on the opposite wall. Across from the sofa I found places for different chairs. I love that when you walk into the space you have multiple areas to sit in.

Since we have young kids I wanted an ottoman as a coffee table so they could feel as though this was a place they gravitate to. They love to hold dance shows, Olympic performances, and jumping contests from the ottoman. Another piece we all fight over is the chaise from Elsie Green. I'll be honest, when I first bought it I was a little worried about how it would look and make the space feel but it's probably one of my favorite pieces.

Room Details:

Vintage Rug from Heir Looms - Nicki has tons that are similar!

Lamp with Rope Lampshade (Similar vintage options one, two or three)

Favorite Design Books - Travel Home, The Maine House and Still

Throw Blanket (use code Caitlin15 for 15% off)

Roman Shades by Wovn Home

Each detail brings me so much joy each day - from the books, to the antique tilt table, to the vintage rug. Can't wait to share more details about other spaces in our home soon.

Photos by Stephanie Russo


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