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Style: Summertime Layering Essentials for the Kids

This time of year, I find that I spend far more time with my kiddos and most of the time we are in the outdoors. We live just around the corner from the Presidio and they love to explore and dig around in nature. Recently, Jackson has become obsessed with bugs and he carefully watches them to figure out how they function. Honestly, if he had his way, he’d be outside every hour of the day!

I think this time of year is one of my favorites for children’s clothes. I love blue and white palates for clothes and right now, this is an easy combination to find. I always head to Poppy Store in Marin Country Mart and find multiple outfits for the kiddos that are both comfortable and also stylish. Recently, I’ve been getting Amelia little rompers that keep her cool and comfortable. She loves them and she hasn’t yet figured out how to take them off (she seems to like to strip off her clothes recently). The blue and red striped shirt is so great as an added layer. For Jackson, we always start with several layers. Usually it’s cold in the morning in San Francisco and we walk to school with a Patagonia puffy jacket. By the time I pick him up, the layers are peeled back and he’s in his shorts and t-shirt. I’ve had many mothers ask where I buy his shoes because he boasts they are “super fast” shoes and the other kids want them!

What I love about Poppy Store is the wide variety of clothes they carry. I’m always able to find something that the kids will love to wear while being comfortable. It’s also a great store for baby gifts, birthday treats, and anything else you need for your littles. My kids love to go there – Marin Country Mart is like an adventure park. Jackson and Amelia know exactly where everything is – first they visit the turtles and fish, then they play on the beautiful playground, and finally, they visit Poppy Store and the toy store next door. Sounds like a slice of heaven to me!


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