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Holiday Picnic With Jenni Kayne

This is a holiday season the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes. Instead of large gatherings of family and friends, we will all be having smaller more intimate celebrations and waiting a little longer to all get together. Being outdoors is ideal and keeping it simple is essential - we all have so many things we are dealing with. I love the outdoors, even if it might be crisp out!

I teamed up with Jenni Kayne to create a country celebration at Grace Ranch. The natural beauty of the area doesn’t require much - you are surrounded by beauty. For the table, I chose the light and natural linen tablecloth (Frayed Linen Tablecloth in Natural). Keeping things neutral meant I didn’t need to have everything matching. All in the same palate, it blends with the natural world around us. Since it’s outdoors, I chose to wear the Jenni Kayne Everyday Kate Sweater Dress in Dark Camel. It’s warm and elegant but at the same time, it’s so comfortable and allows me to focus on the celebration with the people I love.

While we sipped on a delicious chai orange tea we made some beautiful holiday decorations out of dehydrated oranges to garnish the Christmas tree.

Simple DIY Citrus Garland:

1. Slice oranges (lemons, limes, blood oranges all work great as well) to about 1/8", keeping in mind the thinner the slices the quicker they will dehydrate.

2. Spread out in a single layer on top of parchment on a baking sheet, and bake for about 3-4 hours at 200ºF or until completely dried.

3. Using a needle, thread a thin piece of string through the citrus in two different holes - so that they will lay flat when hanging. Tie a knot through the end pieces of citrus so they don't slip and tie an extra little loop at the ends to easily hang wherever you desire.

4. Hang garland on your tree, in your window or wherever you're needing a little extra, fragrant, holiday cheer!

We also created a special recipe that you can drop off to friends and family as a way to spread some love. This Loaf Cake Recipe is SO delicious!

Whatever way you celebrate the season, I hope you have time with some of your loved ones. And those you aren’t able to see, at least you will be able to talk to and wait patiently for this time to pass. Happy holidays to everyone, and I hope all see each other soon. The parties we will have when it’s safe, will be even more special!


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