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Gift Guide: Crazy Little Thing About Love

Valentine's Day has certainly changed for us these last seven years since the kids have arrived. Instead of romantic dinners out and long weekends away, we have changed our focus to comfortable evenings at home creating as many memories as possible for the kiddos.

This past year, Amelia is very into decorating the table for each holiday, so when I mentioned Valentine’s Day was around the corner she insisted on pink. A little surprise came in the mail from Heather Taylor Home and each evening for dinner we’ve been eating with these Scalloped Edge placemats in Katherine Plaid and I love the way they can be paired with the Mayfair Plaid napkins. I'm also very into these flowers from Cutter Brooks. Instantly made our table feel ready for the day of love!

Eric has been living in his Faherty sweats and sweatshirt since Christmas. They are some of the softest pants I have ever felt. He raved about them so much I even got myself a pair of their sweatpants. They’ve paired well with my Jenni Kayne beanie (I now have three colors that I rotate) and slippers to allow me maximum comfort when relaxing at home. This past year I’ve been investing in my work from home attire and practically lived in these Marina Culottes and Sweater for the month of January. Remember to use code Caitlin15 for 15% off at Jenni Kayne.

For the kids on Valentine's Day, we like them to get creative with arts and crafts. We found these coloring cards, crayon set, stickers and beads to bring them the most inspiration when sitting down to create a little something special. for their friends.

Hope this brought you a little inspiration for the day of love. Happy Valentine's Day!


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