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Style: Stepping Into Fall

It’s definitely true: autumn is my favorite season. Maybe I love it because the rhythm of our lives often return to a more consistent pace. The kids return to school, I think more about the meals I prepare, and most importantly, I love a fall wardrobe.

On the wardrobe front, in San Francisco, a fall wardrobe works pretty much the entire year. We are never too hot and never too cold. I will say, autumn is a pleasant change here because it’s when the fog begins to clear and the blue skies come out in full force. Brisk days with sunny skies is close to heaven for me.


Here is what I love about a fall wardrobe and I plan to have plenty of: chunky sweaters, layers, and a pop of color! I’m always attracted to a chunky sweaters and layers. It’s basically how I dress every day. What is new for me, is the idea of a pop of color. Maybe it’s all the travel I did this summer, but I am getting more and more attracted to color. What better way to bring color into your life than with a pair of shoes? I love the new line of jewel tones in the Rothy’s. With a busy life of trying to balance work and mom life, comfortable shoes are a must. I recently got two pairs of the Rothy’s and I love them. One pair is mocha spot print with a blue and red trim and the other pair are bright persimmon. I love them both! My feet are happy and that makes me happy.

Next week, I’ll tell you about another thing I love about fall: cooking. I’ll share one of my new go-to recipes that has been on the rotation a lot in our home! Happy weekend everyone.


This post is a partnership with Rothy’s. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Claire Giffen


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