Style: Spring Layers

As most of you have probably figured out, I have a wardrobe that is simple and relatively monochromatic. I don’t want to have to think to hard about what I’m going to wear. I like clothes that are not only have classic lines, but they need to be comfortable and versatile. One place I continue to return to for my basics is Everlane.

There are several reasons why I love their clothes. To begin with, they are the BEST quality. I usually go for the cashmere sweaters and let me tell you, they are so well made. No nasty pilling and the cuts are so flattering. Then comes style. I always feel as though the pieces I buy from Everlane are made beautifully and I’ll look current. Finally, with a lifestyle that spans from needing to look dressed up for client meetings to running after Jackson, Everlane is able to work for both. Now that’s my kind of wardrobe!

Recently, I added a few new pieces to my growing Everlane collection – a dress, two sweaters and a pair of their sandals. All of which, I’ve been able to use in so many ways. With the ever-changing climate in San Francisco, sweaters are necessary year round. I’ve found layering my outfits allows me to adapt to changes in weather. It might start out foggy and cold but as the fog lifts, it can be hot! By having on layers, I can just peal of a layer and still be comfortable.

Outfit Details

The Cashmere Crew | The Cashmere Cardigan | Silk Tank Dress | Italian Slingback Sandal

If you are looking for well-made items that will become staples of your wardrobe, Everlane is the place!

Do you have a favorite go-to brand for your wardrobe staples?


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