Small Victories: My New Go-To Cookbook

I’m smitten over the new cookbook by Julia Turshen! Small Victories is a way of cooking that synchronizes perfectly with the way I cook. The food is real and Turshen believes that making changes to a recipe is a good thing. Gone are the recipes that require exact ingredients. Instead, this cookbook encourages experimentation. After a recipe is provided, Turshen provides “Spin-Offs”. For example, the Parmesan Soup with Tiny Pasta and Peas, can spin-off to become a Bean and Greens Soup or an Onion Soup.

Small Victories is destined to become one of my go-to books to get my creative juices flowing and delicious dinners prepared for my family. Tonight I’m preparing the Spring Pea & Leek + Herb Soup and Caesar Salad!

Do you have any cookbooks that you can’t get enough of right now?

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

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