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Recap: High Point Market

(Hable Construction for Hickory Chair Co.)

Last week I was walking the showrooms at High Point Market. Since last October was my very first time at High Point I walked around not knowing what to expect – this season I felt as though I was a seasoned veteran. Plus, I had the best travel companion a gal could ask for – Grant Gibson. Let me tell you, he was like a kid in a candy store – which is probably how I was back in October.

Since I’ve had my mind on moving into the new apartment as I walked through High Point, I wasn’t just sourcing items for client, but also for myself, which was incredibly fun. The first thing Eric and I have wanted to buy is a sofa – we’ve lived with an armless loveseat for too long. As I walked through showrooms I started eying a new sofa in each one. Here are a few of my favorites.

(Century Furniture – my amazing sponsor this season! Walking through their beautiful 8,000 square foot showroom never disappoints)

(CR Laine – I absolutely love going to visit Holly. She has done a fabulous job transforming this brand and showroom each season).

(Kim Salmela – When Grant and I came across Kim’s space we were pleasantly surprised. We loved the designs and the overall aesthetic. A few of their pieces are perfect for current clients).

(Oly Studio – This showroom is my idea of heaven. I’ve always been in love with their furniture . . . the clean lines, neutral tones and overall design is right up my alley. This Gio chair stole my heart).

(Cisco Brothers Home – Grant and I had this showroom on our master list of showrooms to attend. I didn’t go last year so it was a must. Friends, the Cisco showroom is drop dead gorgeous. Both of us wanted to stay forever).

Overall it was another great season at High Point. If you went to High Point did you have any favorite must-see showrooms? There is always so much to see it’s quite overwhelming, but I always have to remind myself that there is always next season to see more.

I left feeling incredibly inspired, excited to have found items for clients homes, and lucky to have been introduced to new vendors and see old showroom friends.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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