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One Room Challenge: Wallpaper Decision Time

Although I’m doing a teeny tiny space this season, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require just as much thought. Last week I shared that I’ll be doing a makeover to our toilet room. The bathroom is quite a focal point since it’s at the end of our hallway.

Since a small space is ideal for experimenting with a pattern or design. This is the perfect space to add a little pop to than the rest of the house. I’ve been on the hunt for the right wallpaper for a long, long time, but nothing has had me excited enough to take on the project. It’s been a never-ending debate in my head about which direction to go in. Do I go with a stunning floral print? Do I do something more serene? Do I go modern? Traditional? Skies the limit with wallpaper, which is something that I love.

As a designer I’ve come across hundreds of wallpapers that I adore and that we install in clients homes. Many of them make my heart sing. Choosing the right one is key since it’s such a small space.

When Erica Tanov launched her wallpaper collection I knew it was going to be stunning. And that it was! I fell madly in love with her fern print from the day I laid my eyes on it. It’s the perfect way to bring a little nature into our home. I cannot wait for it to be installed!

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