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One Room Challenge: An Obstacle This Season

This season I was over the moon with how everything was falling into place for the makeover of my mom’s bathroom. But then an unexpected obstacle happened for the project…after finally finding a contractor I was given the news that they wouldn’t be able to complete the work on time due to a family emergency. While both my mom and I are bummed, we also know that his needs are more important than a timeline. We are postponing the big bathroom makeover by a few months. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing every detail right here when it happens!

So, where does that leave me. In a pinch I started to think – is there another room I could do with the weeks we have left? Would there be enough time to complete a room? If so, which room should I do? The answer is YES! Y’all I’m making it happen. And while this room isn’t large (it’s actually teeny tiny!), I’m thrilled to finally be giving it a makeover. I’ll redesigning my toilet room (pictured above). Yes, here in San Francisco tons of homes and apartments have a toilet separate from the shower and sink.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time. When we first moved into our apartment five years ago I wanted something bright but over the years I’ve grown out of the youthful pattern and wanted something that feels more me. The hunt is on for the right pattern – I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and I am excited to get started!

Next week I’ll be sharing the plan and design for this space. In the meantime, be sure to pop over to the other One Room Challenge designers to see where they are with their projects!



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