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One Bed. Two Spaces.

This past fall during an inspiring “how can we re-invent our spaces” talk with my mom we were on the topic of  beds – yes, I know that might be boring to some, but for could have gone on for hours. We went our separate ways to search and came back both having found the perfect bed for our respective spaces. Wouldn’t you know it that it was the same bed! The Pondicherry bed by Serena & Lily – like mother, like daughter.

We’re each thrilled to receive our new beds.  I’ll no longer have to deal with an ugly bed-skirt, and my mom will finally have a guest room ready for family and friends that come to visit San Francisco.

We thought it would be fun document how each of us styled the bed in our own spaces, so, along with Serena & Lily we invited the lovely Michelle Drewes to create this video!

Want to get a similar look? Here is how.

I’m thrilled with the way each room turned out and it was such a pleasure working with Serena & Lily on these spaces.


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