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Nursery Planning: The Inspiration

Nursery Progress : The Inspiration | Sacramento Street

It’s time to finally start sharing the inspiration behind baby Flemming’s nursery. All of you have been asking to have a little glimpse into the design process and I appreciate your patience waiting. I have to admit, when I first sat down to design the nursery I didn’t know which direction I wanted to take the nursery – traditional, whimsical, playful, or modern. I began by pinning away inspiring nurseries that I loved, furniture, and more. After finding the perfect vintage Turkish rug (number 6), it set the tone and color palette for the room. Then I turned to one of my favorite Sacramento Street sources – Serena & Lily to help with selecting furniture and bedding. The lovely ladies over at the Design Shop were an invaluable resource for helping me pull together our little guys room.

When designing a space I have a certain process I go through in order to get what I’ve envisioned or a client has described. I wanted to share that process with you.


1) The Inspiration:

Create a mood board (like mine on Pinterest) and start pulling images you find inspiring for the space you are designing. I’m constantly doing this for each of my projects. It helps sets the tone and you are then able to see if you are going in a particular direction and style. For baby Flemming’s nursery I kept pulling tons of white nurseries, campaign pieces and images that had cozy reading nooks and pops of blue.

2) Choosing a Color Palette:

Since we fell in love with the vintage blue Turkish rug I knew that would set the tone and color palette for the room. If you find a piece that you love get it and then work around that piece. In this case, it helped me finally have a vision for the space. We actually found the rug before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl, but I knew no matter the sex, it would be a blue room.

From there I layered on white pieces to lighten up the room. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of white decor. I wanted the nursery to be in unison with the rest of the house. It’s important for me that it didn’t feel detached from the rest of the house.

3) Materials & Furniture:

For any nursery, I find that selecting the right materials is key. They need to be soft, easy to clean and classic. I had fun playing withpatterns for the sheets and pillows but wanted to keep everything else clean and serene. I decided that the Hudson Crib because of its clean lines, the beautiful Mimi Floor Lamp to add a bit of light to the room (it’s a little dark compared to the rest of our house), and then the Belly Baskets to add in a bit texture and storage for toys.

4) Time to Order:

Now that we’ve figured out everything that is going into the room – and the floor plan, it’s time to start ordering everything for baby boys room. Items are already being delivered and I can’t wait to show you progress photos in the coming weeks. Pop over to my shared Pinterest board with Serena & Lily to get live updates on inspiration, what’s going into the room and more. And stay tuned for more sneak peeks before the big reveal!

Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Cornforth White (one of my all-time favorite paint colors)

Image Sources: Row One – 1) The Animal Print Shop 2) Serena & Lily 3) Decor 8 | Row Two – 1 ) Elizabeth Heier 2) Furze Chan | Row Three – 1) Max Wagner 2) Rene Walker 3) Serena & Lily

This post is a partnership with Serena & Lily. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


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