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New Year: 5 Ways to Refresh Your Home


Every year after the holidays I’m just itching to give my house a complete refresh – from the closets, to bookshelves, to just about every surface I can lay my hands on. This year, I went a little OCD with it all. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to do it last year because we had a newborn, but it was nice to actually have the time go through everything.


Here are some helpful tips that got me through freshening up my home in the new year:

Let the purging begin. There is nothing I love more than purging, cleaning and organizing my house to start the year off right. Although you may make a mess before it gets tidy, it’s well worth it in the end.

Consider re-arranging your furniture. I’m constantly thinking about new layouts for each room or switching one chair from one room to the next. It gives the home a fresh new look, but you don’t have to make any new investments.

Touching up the bookshelves. One of my favorite things to do. Re-styling your bookshelves, coffee tables or really any surface, can highlight items you’ve had for years in a fresh new way. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging but just remember to edit, edit, edit if it’s feeling too busy. You can also follow my guide here.

Add greenery. Now that your tree is out of the house and decorations are packed away for next year, it’s time to go to your local nursery for some fresh greenery. Pick up a few plants for around the house to bring in new life. It’s such a simple thing to do but makes all the difference.

Mix up your pillows. Pillows are the easiest way to makeover a space. If you feel like your living room needs some updating, try adding a fun new pillow to the mix. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact it will make.

Have any of you done a refresh for the new year?

Photos of my bookshelf refresh.


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