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Layer It: Wine Tasting

Layer It - Wine Tasting | Sacramento Street

With spring here in full swing, it seems as though everyone here in the Bay Area (including myself) is venturing up to wine country for a little weekend getaway. It’s the perfect weather – warm with a light breeze and not scorching hot, like the summer months. It’s time to take advantage of it! When I travel up to Napa I leave the city having multiple layers on, but by the time we drive up the 101 highway it warms up and no layers are necessary.

The Basics:

1.) Zipline Minidress (love the zipper in the back)

2.) Classic Merino Long Cardigan

The Layers:

3.) Venus de Milo Pendant

4.) The Rowan Gladiator Sandal (on sale)

7.) Valentina Eau de Parfum

8.) Butter Nail Lacquer – Ingredients

More of my favorites for a weekend of wine tasting!


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