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Layer It: Weekend Hike

Layer It: Weekend Hike

One of my favorite past-times with girlfriends is taking walks or hikes around the city or in the Marin Headlands. Granted, we’ve had our misfortunes of not calculating a route and getting stuck without water or food about 10 miles from our car. Yes, this actually happened and we had to call a cab – it was embarrassing, but my college besties and I recount this experience all the time. Now, we pick routes we know and don’t venture down a “different” route for fun unless we are fully prepared.

Honestly, it’s a time to get outside, chat about everything, unload and just be unplugged from everything. The ocean views, sea air and views take my breath away around every turn. I live in a priceless city for exploring. That’s why I want to urge all of you to gather your girlfriends for a weekend hike. Whether it’s to a lake, around your city for an “urban” hike or in the hills – you’ll cherish these moments.

Here’s my go-to outfits for a casual hike:

1.) Nill Lotan Over-sized Sweater

2.) MIH Slim Boyfriend Jeans

3.) Splendid Stripe Infinity Scarf

4.) Excursion Quilted Vest

5.) Black and White Knit Beanie

6.) Warby Parker Carmichael Sunglasses

7.) New Balance Backpack 501 Classics

More weekend walking or hiking classics.


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