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Layer It: Cold Weather Uniform

Layer It: Cold Weather Uniform

Alright friends, it’s cold everywhere – Dallas, San Francisco, Philly, you name the city, it’s cold. Well, except Florida . . . Eric is gloating about the 70 degree weather. I wanted to share with you my cold weather uniform that has been keeping me toasty in this chilly weather. You can’t really go wrong when you bundle up in a scarf, hat, gloves and warm jacket. I always think that I look like a big puffy ballon when I do. I find that when I have to bundle so many layers it’s good to keep it slim on the bottom and then wear a cute top or sweater underneath for when you get inside. I hope this inspires you these next few days or weeks of cold weather.

1. Jimmy Jimmy Mid-Rise Jeans

2. Black Long Sleeve Oblique Zipper Coat

3. Cable Knit Pompom Hat

7. Skylar Ankle Bootie

8. Ponte peplum shirt

9. Cable Knit Mittens


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