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Layer It: Casual Friday

Layer It: Casual Friday | Sacramento Street

Friday marks the start of the weekend! You can usually find me working in my comfy pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. Just knowing that the weekend is a few hours away gives me a “let’s finish things up” attitude. That’s why I wanted to share my go-to look for casual Fridays – I’m a firm believer in casual Fridays, and weekends for that matter. I’m always trying to re-invent my Friday look so I want to know – do you have any favorite pieces that you love wearing on a casual day?

The Basics:

1.) Toothpick Miller Wash Jeans 2.) Zip Front Sweatshirt

The Layers: 3.) Vince ‘Blair’ Slip on Sneakers 4.) Laura Mercer Sequin Eye Color 5.) Laura Mercer Moisturizer SPF 20 6.) Rebecca Minkoff Cross Body Bag 7.) Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Watch 8.) American Vintage Massachusetts Vest

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