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Interiors: Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

One thing I have realized since I had kids. No matter what I do, my tends to get dirty faster than it ever did prior to their little feet scampering around. It wasn’t long ago, that I took a look around and decided I needed to freshen up my house. If I could afford it, I would probably start all over. But reality was more of a refresh with new pillows and a few accessories.

On a recent trip to visit a project for a client in Santa Barbara, I stopped by one of my favorite stores: Diani Living. The minute I would find what I needed to freshen up my home. There is such a natural vibe in the store – texture, neutral colors, and interesting items from around the world – all combine to help you finish your design needs. Caroline Diani, the owner, has an incredible eye and finds things I never see elsewhere.

I got a huge woven basket for all of the toys accumulating around the house. Now there is a place for them and the texture adds so much to the room. I live in a small space but the impact of the basket is perfect. I also got three (much needed) pillows for the sofa. The gray and light blues work perfectly with my existing decor.

You would think I would have stopped there. But there is also Diani Boutique. I found the most comfortable jumpsuit for the summer. And it looks perfect in my living room as well!

Stay tuned for my second post Monday – I also got a few things to update my bedroom (and maybe a few more clothes!). If you live or are visiting the Santa Barbara area, drop by, you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t close by, head to the great online store here.



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