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Interiors: The Finished Product (The After)

Revitaliste Makeover 1

Yesterday, I chatted about how to decide if a piece of furniture should be revitalized (click here to read). Once you’ve decided a piece is worth keeping, working with Revitaliste makes the process of getting the job done completely seamless. They have a four-step process that gets the work done efficiently and beautifully.

Revitaliste Makeover 2
Revitaliste Makeover 8
Revitaliste Makeover

The Revitaliste Way

  1. Tell them what you want to revitalize: Here you’ll send them a photograph, along with the dimensions. Revitaliste will quickly get back to you with a detailed estimate of the cost.

  2. Pick a fabric/finish you like: You can buy the fabric or Revitaliste will help choose one for you.

  3. Schedule a pick up: Revitaliste has white-glove moving partners that ensure the utmost care throughout the process. Select the day and a two-hour window and they’ll do everything else.

  4. Enjoy: You’ve transformed your favorite furniture. Now sit back and enjoy it!

Revitaliste Makeover 3
Revitaliste Makeover 4
Revitaliste Makeover 6

The before and after of these chairs is phenomenal in my eyes! Not only did they reupholster these beauties, but they also rebuilt the cushions. After having them in my office for a month, I’d sink each time I sat down – not something you want happening during a client meeting. Over time, cushions begin to sag and show their age. Now I have chairs that are stunning and comfortable to sit in at the same time.

Revitaliste Makeover 7

As a designer, I’m constantly on the hunt for new ways to support our community of artisans. Revitaliste is not only supporting the local artisans right here in the Bay Area, but they are making it easy for designers and others to revitalize their favorite furniture. They make the process easy and I’m always excited to see the beautiful pieces they’ve completed.

So, if you have a piece you’ve been procrastinating on revitalizing (you know you have one!), consider visiting the Revitaliste to get the job done!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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