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Interiors: Revitalizing Our Sofa with Perennials

While we have only had our sofa for about six years, nearly five of those years are with littles in the house. And often that means sticky fingers, leaking bottles, and even putting an indigo blanket on to cover the said stains and then the dye comes off to make the situation even worse. The sofa was definitely showing its age. I tried having it professionally cleaned, but it just wouldn’t do the trick. So, I decided to look into having it reupholstered.

I turned to Revitaliste to see wanted to take on the task of giving it a new life. The great thing about their business, is that they take care of absolutely everything. They have cultivated great connections with artisans all over the San Francisco area. I wanted the sofa to be repurposed – the waste of getting an entirely new sofa and this one ending up in a landfill – just wasn’t something I even wanted to consider. Much better to repurpose this one since it’s well built and just needed to be refreshed.

With Revitaliste on board to give it a new life, then came the harder decision – fabric! As a designer I am surrounded by gorgeous fabrics for client projects but I knew I would need something that would stand the test of time with two littles in the “spill” mode. That’s when I turned to Perennials fabrics. It’s one of my go-to sources for classic colors and materials. They aren’t just known for their outdoor fabrics anything. Much to my surprise, they have beautiful choices to decide from that look like linen.

When it came to picking a color I had a hard time deciding between a natural sand, light gray or white. It was originally upholstered in a sand linen but I wanted something a little brighter. Ultimately, I made the decision to go with the Perennials Rough n Rowdy in white and I couldn’t be happier. Now, some of you may think – white with kids but let me tell you it’s easier to clean and the first day we had the sofa back in our home, my daughter jumped up from the table and put her hands on the sofa with tomato sauce on them! I was beginning to regret my choice of white. But I quickly realized it was easily wiped off. I am in love with the weave of the fabric and the ease of stains coming out.

If you love your furniture but it need some new love, I encourage you to consider recovering your furniture instead of always buying new. It may cost the same price as a new piece but it’s one way we can reduce our footprint on this planet we call home.


Photos by Andrea Posadas


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