Interiors: Revitalize Your Furniture (The Before)

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have a piece of furniture that could use recovering. When I started to dream of what I wanted in the new studio I didn’t want to get something new for our seating area. Recently I turned to Revitaliste to get two vintage green corduroy chairs I had bought from Elsie Green House & Home, reupholstered and revitalized. They were the perfect chairs for my new office, but need some TLC.

Not all vintage furniture needs to be reupholstered. But everyone usually has a piece or two that’s been stowed away in their home or storage, that has sentimental attachment, or it was the perfect shape and size for a particular place. We continue to hold on to it with the hope that one day we’ll get around to revitalizing it. However, not knowing where to go or how to find the right fabric, keeps us procrastinating in getting it completed.

Tips to determine if the piece is something you should keep

  1. It holds sentimental value

  2. It has a unique shape and you love the lines of the piece

  3. It perfectly fits in a physical space (e.g. a love seat that just fits in a small alcove)

  4. It serves a specific function

Chair Makeover with Revitaliste I loved the process of working with Revitaliste. They first gave me a plethora of stunning fabric samples to choose from after asking me about color, texture, and type of fabric. Once I made my decision (which is a favorite that we use for many clients), they picked up the chairs and took care of everything. They not only upholstered them but also re-crafted them to be a new and functioning set of chairs. I went to visit my beauties as they were being worked on, but you don’t need to do that. Once they finished, Revitaliste delivered them to the office and voila.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the full reveal of the made over chairs – they are stunning. I couldn’t be happier. Be sure to pop back by tomorrow!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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