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Interiors: Putting Your Personal Stamp On Your Design

Whenever I sit down with a client, I try to make sure that the design of their home includes items that put their stamp on the design. In some cases, I help them create an art wall composed of their travel photos or family shots. In other cases it might be artwork they’ve collected over the years. It is important to have something that matters to you in your home design.

One source I have been using for a long time to create these pieces with meaning is Shutterfly. They have a whole array of items you can personalize for your home. Two years ago, we gave all of our family personalized gifts and they are still talking about them! (click here see that post) Of course, the personalized calendar was a great hit but also mobile phone covers, wall hangings and monogrammed trays.

This year, I decided to create a few items for my own home in our entryway. The first item I made was a print of a photograph I took on my trip to Istanbul. The photo was taken from my phone yet the quality of the print is excellent – no grainy texture at all. I also had a photo of our family and a quote mounted with white frames. My son walks by everyday and makes a comment about the photo! I also personalized alucite tray with a marble print and a catch-all tray with one of my favorite quotes about home. A favorite photo of Jackson in front of a train we were about to board, is his pride and joy, so we got that printed on this 5×5 acrylic print. To finish it off, a personalized candle is always a perfect accent in an entry.

The more “you” in your home, the more it reflects the people who live there. These are the items that can tell the story of who you are and what matters to you. These items can be constantly evolving and changing – reflecting the many experiences and people in your life.

If you love to travel, consider a few carefully chosen photographs of the places you have journeyed to. Consider Shutterfly to personalize your home and tell your unique story. And if you are at a loss for a gift for a loved one, consider putting together a personalized gift they will cherish. You can’t go wrong with items that celebrate who you are!

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This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision. Shop Shutterfly Home Décor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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