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Adding Fragments Identity to Our Home

Last year was a whirlwind year. It’s no surprise that this year feels completely different. I was busy launching a book that has been a bestseller, on its second printing, and about to be published in Russian. I was traversing this beautiful country from one end to the other giving book talks and meeting incredible people who stood in line for the book. In addition, I had a thriving interior design business that needed my full attention. Of course this is all with two young kids at home.

Fast forward to the new year, and while I am grateful for all that happened last year, this year has been a time to slow down – whether we like it or not. I have to say, having more of a focus on the space around me, has been great for me. And as a result, I have made some changes that have helped our home to feel more comfortable and unique to our lives.

One of the best decisions I could have made was to reach out to Fragments Identity to give my home a facelift. We worked together to find ways to make the spaces feel more unique and fitting for our family. I have always loved the products from Fragments Identity – giving spaces the texture and a mix that is needed to keep it from looking cookie cutter. I chose two different wing chairs – one vintage and recovered in vintage fabric – and the other new with a soft linen upholstery. I also chose a linen ottoman in the center of the living room and then filled in with stunning wooden benches used as side tables. Additionally, we changed all the pillows in both the living room and bedroom. Fragments Identity has a wide range of textiles that can transform a room.

My family loves the new update to our home – especially the wing chairs that sit in our Living Room and Dining Room. I have a feeling those chairs will be a part of their collective memory. Jackson and Amelia love to snuggle in the chairs when they wake up each morning. We are all feeling well-loved while spending more time at home. I’m thankful for the slow days we’ve been able to spend with our children. It’s a gift that I believe we will all remember in the busy years ahead.


Photos by Andrea Posadas Creative for Caitlin Flemming


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