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St Frank Textiles - Dining Room Refresh

When it comes to my dining room, it has a variety of functions. One wall is entirely my closet and we eat all of our dinners at our dining room table. Lately it has felt a bit sterile and stark, so I decided it was time to add a few items that warm up the room and make it a bit more cozy for the fall.

Since we have a large vintage blue rug, I knew I wanted to stay in that color theme and go with shades of blue. In the corner by the window, I have a vintage French chair covered in a blue Madeline Weinrib ikat fabric. I decided that placing a large scale piece of art in the pocket door nook and adding pillows to our dining chairs would make the space feel new.

St Frank Textiles - Dining Room Refresh
St Frank Textiles - Dining Room Refresh

As I searched high and low for these items it took me awhile to find the perfect pieces for the room. That being said, when I walked into St. Frank (which just opened here on Sacramento Street!), I knew all of my needs would be met. To begin with, I nearly fell over when I saw a huge Organic Indigo Sublime textile that had been framed in a clear streamlined frame. I’ve always had a soft spot for textiles and this one knocked me off my feet. Subtle and calming, I knew this was the perfect piece to hang in the room. It was created in the Bamako workshop of Aboubakar Fofana, a calligrapher, artist, and textile designer who studied in Japan, France and Mali. Fofana is committed to preserving the art of indigo dyeing in West Africa.

As I looked further, I nearly yelped with excitement when I found vintage indigo dyed pillows that would add depth to the neutral space. In ancient times, from Egypt to West Africa, fabric has been dyed blue. This indigo color is considered a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. Now that they are all in my dining room, I wonder what took me so long to change it up. I now find myself gravitating to the dining room with my computer to work, just so I can admire how beautiful it is.

St Frank Textiles - Dining Room Refresh
St Frank Textiles - Dining Room Refresh

If you are trying to spruce up a room or looking for a unique gift for the holidays, St. Frank is the place to go. They have partnered with artisans from around the world to bring handmade products that have been carefully chosen and encompass the authentic cultural heritage of the communities from which they originate. Core to St. Frank’s beliefs are both the economic empowerment of its artisans, as well as the preservation of traditional crafts. As a world traveler, I applaud St. Frank’s commitment to their core values and look forward to their much-deserved success.

If you live in San Francisco I highly recommend popping into their new shop on Sacramento Street. It’s bound to leave you inspired to add a few pieces to your home!

Photos by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street


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