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Getaway: The Catalina Weekender in Mexico City

In April, I was lucky enough to take a vacation to visit my hometown of Mexico City. I couldn’t wait to show Eric where I grew up, take him to some of my favorite restaurants and go to the Freda Kahlo exhibit (which was at the top of my list).

Whenever I get ready for a trip I have my go-to bags – my Lo & Sons OG and my rolling carry on. They have been my faithful companions for most of my trips the past few years. For this trip however, Lo & Sons asked me to give their new weekender – the Catalina (officially launching today) a try. At first I was a little hesitant to leave my trusty OG behind, but when I received the Catalina in the mail I knew it would be a great addition for this trip.

What I love about Lo & Sons is they think about how the bag will be used – whether you take it to the beach, on a road trip or as your carry-on. For me it was a weeklong trip. When we arrived in Mexico City I soon realized that it was going to be essential for everyday use. We were planning daylong adventures around the city and we needed to bring changes of clothes, extra shoes, and I needed something that would be a carryall for the treasures I picked up throughout the day.

On this particular day we ventured out to San Angel Inn for lunch to celebrate our wedding anniversary surrounded by family and friends – it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City because of the beautiful gardens and the food is delicious. It’s also in the neighborhood my dad grew up.

After lunch we headed across the street to the Diego Rivera and Freda Kahlo exhibit. These are the homes they lived in while they were together. Getting to see where they created their beautiful work is always inspiring.

From there we ventured across town to the other Freda Kahlo exhibit – Casa Azul. It was also remarkable. If you are planning a trip to Mexico it’s a must before it closes.

Later that day, we packed up our bags and headed to Cuernavaca for a weekend trip. This is where my trusty Catalina came in handy and all of my family members – especially my cousin, were jealous of this bag. It almost felt like the Mary Poppins bag. As I packed everything for the journey it didn’t look like it was getting full.

Pop over to Lo & Sons to see the new collection that I helped style in Carmel. Today Lo & Sons is offering Sacramento Street readers a special code to receive 15% off until the end of May on any Lo & Sons items – just enter SACSTREETSPRING2013 to receive the discount. I highly recommend the Catalina for any summer getaway you have planned.

I’ll be using mine for Calistoga this Friday! Where would you take your weekender?

This weekend I’ll be sharing more of my trip to Mexico.

Photos by Caitlin & Eric Flemming


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