Getaway: Sailing to Alaska with Celebrity Cruises

When Eric and I started brainstorming places to go for our babymoon, we had a long list of potentials spots. When it came time to make a decision I wanted to go somewhere that had been on our bucket list for awhile. Over the past few years Eric has been talking about going to Alaska non-stop. It felt like the perfect place to go where we could be outdoors, do a few adventurous excursions, and enjoy some quality rest and relaxation with one another.

There is only one way to travel to Alaska – it’s on a cruise. As a young girl I had the privilege of traveling on quite a few cruises to Baja, the Arctic Circle and Alaska. These weren’t your typical cruise ships – they were nature cruises. This time would be a little different, we embarked on a seven night cruise with Celebrity Cruises. I have to say, from the moment I stepped onto the ship I was in awe of the stunning craftsmanship and the impeccable service. Since I had been on ships before, I was a little worried about how large this ship would feel, but once everyone was settled and on board it felt as though we were our own little island traveling up the coast of British Columbia.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the beauty that lies within the Celebrity Solstice. As you walk onto the ship you are instantly taken in by the architecture. The blue, white and orange tones that you find throughout the Solstice is almost as though they took the palette of the sea and continue it onto the ship, which made it feel timeless and elegant.

While each stateroom on the ship is your own little oasis that looks out onto the beautiful ocean – I felt as though the amenities of the ship were an extension of my room. A few of my favorite spots – the stunning library where I could pick up a new book after I finished the one I brought, the indoor pool (since it was quite chilly outside) and afternoon tea at Cafe al Bacio. Both Eric and I truly felt at home. It was as if we had never left home. I kept saying, can we bring all of this home with us? Who is going to turn down my bed at night? It’s the simple luxuries that made this journey unique.

There was also delicious culinary experiences on the trip. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard from a few close friends that had traveled on Celebrity Cruises before that it was great. Friends, I was blown away. While all of the restaurants were incredible and had their own little twist to them – Blu was by far my favorite. It’s healthy cuisine but without losing the flavor. I probably could have gone there for every meal. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get a private cooking lesson from the executive chef on the ship and I asked him about what they strive to bring in their food on the Solstice. He said, clean, local and seasonal. Exactly how I try to eat at home. He said it’s all about a few key ingredients that make the food shine. They definitely achieved that at every single restaurant we went to on our journey.

As I look back on this unbelievable trip I can honestly say that the Celebrity Solstice blew me away. It was the epitome of modern luxury at it’s finest. From the level of service, to the food, to the endless nightly entertainment, to the stunning spa – it completely encompassed everything Eric and I were looking for when it came to this babymoon vacation. I look forward to our next journey on one of their many ships around the world. The hard part will be deciding where to go next!

Next week, I’ll be talking about the sites and excursions we went on – let’s just say they will be forever remembered!

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