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Getaway: Exploring Alaska with Celebrity Cruises

Get Away : Alaska with Celebrity Cruises | Sacramento Street

Today I’m bringing you back to Alaska for one final post about our incredible trip. Both Eric and I keep reminiscing about the beautiful journey. I wanted to take you through the excursions and experiences we had while onboard the Celebrity Solstice. Each were better than the next – if that’s even possible to say.

I’ll begin in Ketchikan, where we embarked on a small ten person float plane to a town in Neets Bay that has a population of nine (yes, you heard that right!). Our guide walked us through the forest, town and hatchery, to a river that leads into the bay. This particular excursion was to see black bears – a little frightening yes, but exciting. As we walked and waited, out came two beautiful and HUGE black bears. It was surreal to see them so close (only 20 feet away). To see them in their natural habitat was pretty unbelievable.

Get Away : Alaska with Celebrity Cruises | Sacramento Street

Waking up at 5:30am was essential on this particular day. Our ship navigated through the stunning Tracy Arms Fjord. We opened up our balcony doors, threw on layers and layers of warm clothing and watched the natural landscape we were passing. Both Eric and I were in awe of the beauty that lied within this narrow fjord. From the stunning natural falls, to the teal color of the water, to the sound of nature all around us – it was as if we had been transported into a winter wonderland that you never knew existed. At the end of Tracy Arms Fjord we were able to see a magical glacier that has stunning blue hues. As we looked upon the glacier all you could think about was how remarkable nature truly is.

Get Away : Alaska with Celebrity Cruises | Sacramento Street

As we left Tracy Arms, all I could think about was “how could we see anything more beautiful today” – well friends I was 100% wrong. We enjoyed a delicious king crab feast at Tracy’s Crab Shack (a must!) and then sailed away on a small catamaran for a night of sunset whale watching. The sky began to look like cotton candy and then we saw what we came for – whales. Both Humpback whales and one Orca! I was in love with this excursion – the Orca was just the cherry on top of an unbelievable day.

Get Away : Alaska with Celebrity Cruises | Sacramento Street

Our last and final stop on the Celebrity Solstice was Skagway. Honestly, I cannot begin to tell you how excited both of us were for this last excursion. It was as though we had woken up on Christmas morning. Eric couldn’t wait to get in a helicopter for the first time and I couldn’t wait to step foot on a glacier. As we flew over the water, through valleys and up a narrow river made by the glacier itself, I was giddy as we came upon the glacier. We landed, took a hike to see the different areas (all safe of course) and were able to drink the glacier water! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to pull my jaw up from off the ground. I think the beauty of the entire trip came over me on this last excursion.

Alaska surpassed my expectations. The elegance and nature that we saw while on this trip brought me back to my roots as a child. I used to take more trips to be out in nature and this journey made me want to do that more often. It’s important to slow down, be outside and see the natural elements that make up the world around us.

We couldn’t have gone on these remarkable expeditions without the help of Celebrity Cruises. Each one was handcrafted by them to allow us to see Alaska in a whole new light. I cannot wait to travel there again someday and show our family all of these beautiful places.

This post is a partnership with Celebrity Cruises. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


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