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Food: Three Killer SF Cookbooks

I honestly wanted to jump up and down when I realized that three of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco had published cookbooks recently. If you live in San Francisco, you probably know them. If you don’t live here, I promise you, these cookbooks will add a new dimension and spark your meals! All three have some of my favorite meals and yet each one is distinctly different than the others.

Burma Superstar


This little restaurant is nestled in amongst the cozy neighborhood of Clement Street in the inner Richmond. My family and I go often, as it’s walking distance from our home. Famous for their explosions of flavorful and spicy food, Burma Superstar has food from Myanmar with influences from neighboring India and China, as well as Thailand and Laos. The great thing about this cookbook, is that the recipes have been simplified and streamlined, so even a novice cook can successfully execute them.

Tartine All Day


The beloved bakery in the Mission District of San Francisco, Tartine is rarely without a long line down the street and let’s not even talk about the line at Tartine Manufactory. Always worth the wait, this new cookbook by Elisabeth Prueitt, is an all-inclusive look at cooking with whole foods. Prueitt does a good job of providing professional advice without overwhelming you with too many details. I was thrilled to have the recipes for my favorites the Granola and Greenest Goddess Dressing.

Nopalito: A Mexican Kitchen


Having grown up for a portion of my childhood in Mexico and having a Mexican father, I’m kind of a food snob when it comes to Mexican food. That being said, for the past ten years, I’ve been frequenting Nopalito in San Francisco for excellent Mexican dishes. This would be a cookbook for anyone who wants to try preparing genuine Mexican cuisine. Some of my favorites are included in the book – corn with crema, mole, and the best aquas frescas!

Do you have any go-to cookbooks you love right now?

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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