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CIHT Project: Selecting Tile with Fireclay

The first order of business with Samantha of Could I Have That? (CIHT) and her husband was tile. When looking at their inspiration I knew that Fireclay Tile would fit perfectly with their aesthetic. What I love about them is they are simultaneously modern and earthy. The color range is huge and while I often tend to a more neutral palate, there is so much texture in these tiles that, even in neutrals, they are anything but boring.

As we dove into the tile selection for the project, we realized that Fireclay Tile ha an endless selection of shapes, colors, and designs. Every visit to their showroom, I feel like a kid in a candy shop – I’m not sure what to try first! We went with a modern, neutral selection of tiles that give off a sophisticated California vibe.

I recommend always getting samples of the colors before making your final selection. Never choose a color from your screen! Fireclay Tile will send you samples once you zero in on the shape and colors you want.

Some of the neutral choices Samantha and her husband selected, are among my favorites. They’re using2×8 in Blue SpruceandHexite in Blue Sprucein their daughter’s bathroom. In their master bath they went with a mix of6” Hexagon in Gypsum(my fav color)and2×8 tiles in Tusk. Finally in their guest bathroom, they chose2×8 in White Glossand6” Hexagon in Daisy. Each bathroom will be unique but they all flow together in their style.

Fireclay Tile aren’t solely beautiful. They are also made sustainably in our lovely Golden State of California. The company, since 1989, has been making their tiles based on the family tradition of the founder that dates back to the 1920s. They consider their greatest asset to be the locally sourced materials and the hands that have shaped them.


Photo by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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