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Bathroom Makeover: A Fresh Coat

BEHR Paint: Before & Inspiration

Moving into my current home, I was thrilled to find that it had a clawfoot tub. I’ve always loved their timeless style and curves. There was only one drawback – the outside of the tub was crusty and discolored. I tried to cover it up by having along shower curtain but that defeated the purpose – you couldn’t see it at all. I decided to research to see if there might be a solution. I found out that clawfoot tubs became the rage in the Victorian Era. This was a time when color was used in everything – clawfoot tubs included. They would just paint the outside of the tubs, and for that reason, they are purposefully left rough so the paint can adhere.

BEHR Marquee Paint x Sacramento Street

I couldn’t wait to complete this project. I ran straight to Home Depot and chose the perfect charcoal color of BEHR Marquee Stain Blocking Paint & Primer. I taped the floor with plastic so any spills could be quickly cleaned. It was so easy. First, I sanded the old paint off to create a smoother surface to paint. Then I applied two coats of the BEHR Marquee Graphic Charcoal Stain Blocking Paint & Primer. It went on like silk.

Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat
Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat
Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat

The color was flawless! With my dark tile floor, it almost looks as if the tub were floating. And one afternoon project transformed my bathroom!

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Photos by Peggy Wong for Sacramento Street


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