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Back to the Basics with Pickwick & Weller

Pickwick & Weller | Sacramento Street

Believe it or not – I’m constantly searching for a new go-to tee. But who isn’t? It’s the foundation to every outfit. I search for new styles, different sleeve lengths, and colors . . . well, mostly black, white and grey for my closet. When Pickwick & Weller first launched I fell in love with the different styles they had to offer, plus the colors were right up my alley. I knew I needed to give their tees a whirl.

When they first arrived at my doorstep in their black and white packaging I had a feeling we were going to be perfect for one another. As I tried on each tee, each was better than the next. Let’s just say, my cousin wanted to tear the one I was wearing off my back. And if she thinks it’s cool, well it makes me feel good. A twenty year olds validation means everything!

What I loved most about the Ondine was the raw, unfinished edges that add a touch of deconstructed cool. This line is also crafted in a linen cotton blend, which I find to be uber comfortable when it’s warm outside. But the best part of the Ondine is the draping in the back – it swoops down which makes the tee feel more expensive.

The details that went into each of the t-shirts is what makes them so special – from a pleat in the back, to the placement of a pocket, to the perfect sleeve – Pickwick & Weller thinks about every detail when designing their collections.

Because I wear t-shirts with almost every outfit – I have to absolutely love it. And these Pickwick & Weller tees are just what I love. I’m definitely going to start collecting more and more for my everyday wardrobe. Here’s how I’d style the Ondine for a casual day running around town or a dressy even out.

Pickwick Weller

Pickwick & Weller to find your next favorite tee – they are giving Sacramento Street readers 25% their next purchase. Just click on this link. I promise they won’t disappoint!

This post is brought to you by Pickwick & Weller. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open!

Photos by Claire Giffen


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