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Atelier Lan Jaenicke

Recently, I’ve been working with Lan Jaenicke on the design of her new atelier. Her vision behind her brand is clear in the space she has created to share this with the public. Each item brought into the space is carefully thought through. Atelier Lan Jaenicke is housed in an 1860s brick and cast-iron building, which originally housed the factory and store for Ghirardelli Chocolate.

The great thing about this space, is that not only can you shop the beautiful cashmere coats and other items Lan designs, but you can witness the process. Alterations can be done on site if you need one of the items altered.

There is a pure sense of the materials and respect for the past in every item placed in the space. From the original brick wall to the 1920s French lanterns, the space feels organically balanced. Coats hang on rope suspended from the ceiling and bamboo poles. Everything has a connectiveness that works together in harmony with the building itself.

Please join Lan tonight, May 9th from 5 to 7 pm for a pouring from Sémillon vineyard and to celebrate the new space. I think you’ll leave inspired and maybe with a beautiful new item!

Atelier Lan Jaenicke 431 Jackson Street San Francisco


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