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A Perfect Union: Freda Salvador and Anndra Neen

I was so thrilled to see my best friend and her sister from my childhood in Mexico City have partnered with my all-time favorite shoe designers – Freda Salvador. This is Freda Salvador’s fourth Capsule Collection, a southwest inspired collaboration.

Phoebe and Annette Stephens were a mainstay in my life when my family and I lived in Mexico City. Most weekends, especially on Sunday, you would find us at the Stephen’s colonial home in the picturesque neighborhood of San Angel. Somehow we always ended up at their house, as they had an oasis of a garden, a great retreat from our fourth floor walk up apartment. Their paternal grandmother, a recognized artist in her time, ran in the circle of friends that included the likes of Freda Kahlo and Diego Rivera. When you walked into their home, the first thing that greeted you was a painting of their paternal grandfather done by Diego Rivera. Scattered throughout the home were also the paintings done by their grandmother and also their father, a dedicated artist. Their home remains one of my strongest memories from childhood.

Fast forward twenty-some years, and the Stephen sisters launched – Anndra Neen – a thriving jewelry design business inspired by their years in Mexico City. Their work has been given commendation by the likes of WWD, Vogue, Elle, and the New York Times, to name a few. Now partnering with my friends at Freda Salvador, you begin to realize just how small our world can be!

The Freda Salvador x Anndra Neen Capsule Collection is an expression of both brands: luxury meets artisan aesthetic. This collection was inspired by strong and spirited females from the past – perhaps even envisioned with the likes of Freda Kahlo. There are two pieces – a mid heel boot and a slip on mule that are part of the collection. The footwear is designed in Spain and is adorned with Anndra Neen’s mixed metal hardware, handmade in Mexico. I think this is a match made in heaven!

Photography by Freda Salvador | Dress is by Kamperett


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