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Workspace: Heather Taylor

When I first came across Heather’s blog LA in Bloom I was in awe of her beautiful sense of style and aesthetic. Not to mention to her effortless way of hosting a party – something I strive to do. When I found out Heather started her own textile company I thought to myself – what doesn’t she do? By day Taylor owns and runs a beautiful gallery in Culver City with her husband. On the side she started her beautiful textile company for entertaining – think beautiful napkins, place mats and runners. I of course fell in love with the all white pattern, but her mix of colors is breathtaking. Learn more about Heather through her lovely interview below.

Where did your interest in art begin?

When I was growing up my parents used to drag me and my sister to museums, which probably set the stage for my interest in art. The passion really developed in high school when I signed up for photography class. I fell in love with it. Up until that point I was an average student who wasn’t really great at anything. Photography was my first passion and the first thing at which I excelled. I still love taking pictures.

When did you and your husband decide to open a gallery? We opened the gallery in 2006 after meeting a group of artists in LA who we loved and didn’t have a place to show their work. We wanted to create a welcoming space for emerging artists to show their work and for young collectors to begin building collections. We also had a dream of turning it into a kind of creative lab, where different types of events could occur – readings, fashion presentations, music performances.

When did you decide you wanted to start a textile line?

I love textiles and have been collecting and making them for years. I am a long time knitter and weaver and people are always asking if they can buy what I make. The first weaving project I was really proud of was a vividly-hued striped table runner. It took me 8 months to make by hand and a few of my friends wanted to buy it. This was part of the inspiration for the line. I also love entertaining and setting a pretty table is one of my favorite parts of the whole experience of having people over. I couldn’t find linens that I was in love with (other than while traveling) so I decided I would design my own.

Where did the inspiration for your textiles come from? From my travels. I have seen the most amazing linens in Greece and Mexico and the daily tradition of using beautiful linens in a casual way is very inspiring. Even if you’re just eating dinner by yourself on a Tuesday night. Why not make it beautiful?

You’re an artist in your own right, what medium do you find your creative outlet in?

The fiber arts, mainly weaving and knitting. Also cooking and flower arranging.

You mentioned you love entertaining, what is it about entertaining that you love so much? Because it’s a way to show your guests that you love them. And it’s a creative outlet in its own right.

What are three thing you always have on a table? A table runner, flowers and sea salt.

If you were to host a dinner party, who would your dream guest be?

Nora Ephron

A huge thank you to Heather for letting us get a glimpse inside her lovely workspace! And if you don’t already follow her on instagram you most definitely should – you’ll be completely inspired by the pictures she posts.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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