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Workspace: GADABOUT

I’m constantly in awe of how many friendships I’ve made through blogging. It seems that whenever I travel I have a few friends in each city I’m visiting. When I planned my trip to Charleston I knew Hanna Seabrook and I had to meet – we’d been talking over twitter for years and it felt as though we were longtime girlfriends. When I arrived at Hanna’s beautiful Charleston home – it was just what I expected. It had Southern charm, it was beautifully decorated and had amazing historical treasures. As we walked up to her workspace I was in love with the way she made her office feel so seamless to the room. The inspiration, fonts, and artwork on her desk had me wanting to put a few things in my handbag to take home with me. If you’ve never read Hanna’s beautiful blog GADABOUT you’ll be hooked the minute you read the first post – she blends fashion and graphics in a stunning way. Read on to learn more about this inspiring graphic designer.

We’d love to know more about GADABOUT, your work and how you got started.

I started the GADABOUT blog in college in 2008 and then followed up with a stationery company the following year. Though I am currently redoing the stationery line and the iPhone app (POST.) that accompanies it, it is totally responsible for my career in graphic design. My company started slow at first, a speed I appreciated as I acclimated myself to the market, printing practices, and the work flow between pen, paper and my computer. But as the year moved on, my stationery customers began asking for custom illustration work, and then logos and then websites. It all happened so organically that I steadily expanded my portfolio, small team and skill set over a 4 year span. I have gotten to the point now where I love every bit of what I do and truly feel like a professional. Most of my time is now spent solving creative problems through logo, web design and paper products. Bloggers, interior designers, and brick and mortar shops have made up most of my client list, though I love the challenge of getting into a new medium or project!

Tell us a little bit about your workspace.

I am actually not quite finished with it but it is getting there! Because it doubles my guest room I try to keep it somewhat tidy so guests feel welcome, but it is a true workspace. Most of what I keep around me is appreciated on a daily basis. Inspirational images, clippings, pantone books, and old family pictures anchor my desk, while notepads, invitations, bills and collected business cards rotate through in stacks.

You work from home, do you only work at your desk or do you have certain spots you work to get inspired.

Though I do the majority of my work at my desk, my workspace is truly my whole house. I constantly move around to get inspired and feel refreshed about a project. Moving between my desk, my bedroom, and the porch allows me to switch gears and make a happy transition from client to client.

We know you collect cards, typefaces, and business cards – do you ever sort through your stash for inspiration?

All the time. I keep a rattan basket filled with cards next to my desk.

Do you have a favorite font (or fonts)?

Yes, but it changes a good bit. My favorite classics are Garamond, Avenir, Italicized Didot HTF, Brandon and Montserrat for web. I am pretty traditional and like to keep it clean. Though right now, I love playing with the capital “N” and lowecase “z” from Caslon No337 Regular Italic and am really appreciating the work of Molly Jacques Erickson – Saint Agnes especially.

When designing for yourself do you feel a lot of pressure?

I truly do! I think because my company’s product is creativity, it is hard to get all my appreciations and inspirations into one message. While I want GADABOUT to feel current and exciting, I have to balance that with traditional sensibility and a steady taste level. My industry goal is innovation, and with that comes personal and professional change, growth and development. How do you graphically account for something today that you will inspire your brand tomorrow? You cant. You don’t have the perspective. This is why I stick with simplicity. I can grow with it. It can grow with me.

If you could design a website or logo for anyone – who would it be?

Honestly, designing for someone who is like minded or has created a product I personally appreciate is the most gratifying. If we speak the same language we really start to have fun with the creative process. These are often the types of clients I continue to stay connected with and champion long after the project completion date.

A HUGE thank you Hanna for letting us have a glimpse into your charming workspace! To see past workspace features pop over here.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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